Our Services

Guadalpet offers comprehensive veterinary care that covers the full range of your pet’s needs. Our services include:

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24-hour Emergency

  • Guadalpet has a 24-hour Emergency Service that offers round-the-clock emergency attention whenever you need it. Please call our Emergency Hotline 622 313 593 outside of opening hours

Home Visit Service

  • The above also includes a Home Visit Service for when your pet needs us but cannot make it to the surgery
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Free General Advice

  • If you’re not sure about which vaccinations or anti-parasite treatments your pet needs, or you have questions about its diet or behaviour we can provide free information to set your mind at rest. What’s more, we also offer a free weighing service in case you’re worried about your pooch getting a pouch
Pet passport | Guadalpet

Official Veterinary Certificates

  • We can provide official issuing and stamping of pet passports, health and travel statements, as well as administering and certifying official rabies vaccinations

Internal Medicine

  • We diagnose and treat all kinds of ailments, including digestive, renal, auto-immune, haematological, infectious and parasitic ones – and because we love animals and care about what we do it’s done with precision, using organic and systematic medicine

Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

  • We have the equipment and expertise to apply the latest treatments available to veterinary medicine, using selected canine mother cells to treat illnesses common in cats and dogs

General and Oncological Surgery

  • We carry out soft tissue surgery on site, ranging from routine sterilisation and post-injury reconstruction to the removal of tumours. In all cases we use the safest anaesthetic, adapted to each procedure

Post-surgical Care

  • Our service does not stop once we have operated. A proper course of treatment often also requires post-surgery follow-up and personalised monitoring. Like people, each pet is different, so we have to see how it responds to treatment and medication, and if necessary adapt them accordingly

Cytological diagnosis

  • Using modern microscopes we can diagnose many conditions through the study of cells and determine the required veterinary treatment. This is, for example, how we diagnose lumps and bumps, and look for infections and other ailments


  • Guadalpet makes use of the latest equipment and technology in the diagnosis and integral treatment of cancer in dogs and cats through surgery, conventional and metronomic chemotherapy and immunotherapy

Preventative Medicine

  • We prefer to prevent illness rather than have to treat it, so we take preventative medicine seriously, applying the most appropriate vaccination and anti-parasitic protocol so that you and your pet are protected from infectious and parasitic diseases that can be transmitted from animals

General Dentistry

  • We carry out dental cleans so that our little friends can show off their brightest smile in the best of health and happiness. It also helps to keep your home hygienic and free of unwelcome odours


  • We analyze the biological samples of our patients to obtain results quickly and accurately. We have analyzers in our center and we work with the most prestigious laboratories