Equipment & Facilities


This piece of equipment is essential as it sterilises all the instruments used in surgery, ensuring optimal hygiene and safety conditions. The materials used in surgery are packed and vaporised at high pressure and temperature to destroy any bacteria and germs



Thanks to the powerful, advanced microscopes we employ we can see far beyond the reach of the naked eye. This enables us to study biological samples and to evaluate the cells and microorganisms involved


Blood Biochemistry Analysis

This equipment makes it possible to analyse blood samples according to multiple parameters, providing us with a great deal of information on the level of electrolytes and glucose in the blood, as well as the functioning of organs such as the liver and kidneys


Anaesthetic Machine

The same equipment as that used on humans during operations, it regulates the general anaesthetic used, limiting the quantity released from the vaporiser and providing the oxygen needed during surgery


Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner

Once again the exact same equipment as used by dentists on humans, the ultrasonic cleaner eliminates plaque without damaging the structure of the tooth. All dental cleans are completed with a polishing phase to smooth the tooth walls and repair the enamel