About Us

Our veterinary clinic opened in December 2014 with the aim of offering a service of the highest quality in all areas:

  • Applying the greatest medical rigour and sound medical diagnosis
  • Offering a level of expertise based on experience, years of study and dedication, and a true love for what we do
  • Providing the treatment and affection that our pets deserve
  • Offering excellent service to our customers and friends
  • Preventing and treating illnesses in pets and preventing the spread to humans, with the best veterinary advice to pet owners
  • We are committed to innovation and quality in the products we use and distribute for our pets
  • Complying with the unconditional commitment to animal welfare and respect for the environment, with the highest professional and human ethics as fundamental principles

Rodrigo Lopez

Guadalpet Vet

Qualified veterinarian and owner of the clinic. Rodrigo graduated from the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid in 2009 and began his career in dfferent veterinary clinics in Madrid before settling on the Costa del Sol. Throughout the years he has continued his training in specialised fields such as oncology and cytology, earning a Postgraduate Diploma in Surgery and Anaesthesia of small animals from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Guadalpet Guadalmina Vet Veterinaria

Kinga Kasprzyk

Guadalpet Veterinary Assistant

Manager and co-owner of the clinic. Kinga has over ten years of experience in clinical management and is responsible for running the day to day operation of the clinic, its decoration, window dressing and marketing. She also works as assistant to the vet and is known for her compassion and concern for patients.
For us, every patient becomes part of the Guadalpet family and we strive during treatment to make them feel at home.